The Student Еconomic Law Review is a practitioner and scientific legal journal edited by students of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law, focused on legal aspects of the economy. It is not only a journal publishing students’ papers, but the very first student-edited law review in Serbia, and one of the first of its kind in South-East Europe. The Review was established with a vision that students’ contributions to academic thought can be considerable, and that young legal minds must not be underestimated. The goal of the Review, therefore, is to transform the gifted students from passive receivers of legal education into active creators of the scholarly work. Although the Review is primarily an undergraduate journal, contributions from students of master and doctoral studies from Serbia and abroad are published as well.


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The Review was presented at the British Conference of Undergraduate Research, held in Manchester 22-23 March 2016, at Manchester Metropolitan University. At this conference, which is organized at a different British university every year, in addition to research achievements of the students of British faculties in the domain of natural and social sciences, undergraduate research journals are presented as well. Among several participants out of the United Kingdom, our Review was presented by student Nevena Milošević and associate professor Tatjana Jovanić, PhD. Nevena Milošević delivered a presentation on her experience as editor for publications and the research coordinator of one thematic issue. Participating in the seminar “Encouraging undergraduate research”, professor Tatjana Jovanić as the Review’s Editor-in-Chief spoke about the concept of collaborative research and organizational challenges for thematic research undertakings, using the example of three published thematic issues, and the fourth which is under way.



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Students enrolled at POGESTEI TEMPUS Master in European Integration who attended the course EU Consumer Law and Policy, produced a brochure “Protection of consumer rights in cases of unfair business conduct in Serbia,” the third thematic issue of the Review. Taking into account the fact that the concept of unfair business practice is not sufficiently clear to an average consumer and trader in Serbia, the main goal of this brochure was to explain the concept and forms of unfair business practices using a clear language and many practical examples, in order to be accessible and understandable to all target groups. A prominent Serbian law firm Gecić has recognized the importance of this brochure and financially supported its publishing. The brochure was promoted on TV Studio B. Watch us on Youtube






The second thematic issue of the Student Economic Law Review, dedicated to a comparative legal framework of the acquisition of ownership of agricultural land, published by end 2014, and prepared in agreement with the Land Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, marked a great success. This publication served as an input in the process of formulating amendments to the Law on Agricultural Land, and the initial legal study for the purpose of the analysis of the freedom of movement of capital, used by the Negotiation Group 4 of the Governments’ EU negotiation structures. To make this study closer to interested public, we made a video presentation of this issue, available on our Youtube channel. As this topic is still an interesting issue, representatives of the Editorial board were guests on TV B92, Politika and several other newspapers appraised us, and the editor of this thematic issue was a youngest participant at the Agricultural forum in Subotica.