The Student Economic Law Review has adopted a new approach regarding the timeline for submitting papers. The most important change is a standing call for papers. Starting from the 2014/2015 school year, authors can submit their contributions during the entire year. Papers received by 31 November will be published by the end of the second semester, while those received from November to March will be published by the end of the fall semester of the following academic year.



If you are interested to have your paper published in the Student Economic Law Review, please send your finished paper to the Editorial Board ( We kindly ask all interested authors to make sure that their work is in line with the Instructions for Authors prior to sending the work to us. Not doing so will result in the paper being immediately returned. Each paper must also contain an abstract and keywords. It is necessary to indicate your name and the topic in the subject title of the e-mail. If your paper has been approved by a university professor/lecturer, please include that information and provide contact details.



Before we publish your contribution, it needs to pass a quality assessment. The assessment consists of three phases.Your paper will first be forwarded to a member our Editorial Board. In this phase we access the suitability of the topic you have chosen, as well as adherence to the Instructions for Authors. Once this phase is done, the paper is returned to the author for necessary changes (if any), and the author sends the amended paper back to the Editorial Board. The second phase involves sending the paper to a member of our Advisory Board, i.e. a professor/lecturer or other competent professional, who gives his/her detailed opinion in writing – a formal review. The Editorial Board then forwards this review to the author. If indicated in the review, the author makes changes to his work. These changes could be substantial or just a formality, depending on the particular situation. After the author has made final changes, the paper is checked once again by our Editorial Board, and if everything is in order, it is sent to our copy editors and published in the next issue of the Student Economic Law Review.


Important notes:


Language. Papers need to be written either in English or in Serbian. We also accept papers written in Croatian, Bosnian, and Montenegrin.


Deadlines and Instructions for Authors. The author must comply with the specified deadlines throughout the whole process of the review, and their violation will result in not publishing the contribution. The author must also comply with the rules in our Instructions for Authors. Papers which fail to conform to the Instructions for Authors will be returned to the author for correction without further review of his contribution.


Essays and term papers. When you send an term paper or essay written as part of a university course, apart from the usual requirements, the paper must also be reviewed by the mentor, which will also be indicated after the name of the author.